Technology Academy 2013 Results

Thank you to everyone who voted on the top 5 sessions you would like to see offered during this summer’s Technology Academy.  The results are in and the top 5 sessions are scheduled!

Click here to see which sessions will run on which dates.

How do I sign up?
Stay tuned on… the sessions are being loaded on mylearningplan and as soon as they are ready, I will send an email to let you know you can sign up/register for whichever session or sessions you want.  Keep in mind that the sessions will be capped so once they reach their maximum attendance, registration will close for that particular session.

Announcing the Technology Academy 2013!

I am pleased to announce that we (I) will be running a Technology Academy for all interested professional staff the week of July 15th-19th.  Each morning from 9am-noon, I will run a special technology workshop for anyone willing to sign up (max 20 per a session).  (Yes, you will be paid to attend.)  However, I need your input as to which 5 sessions we will run!  Please click on the link below to read through the 10 possible technology sessions.  After you read through the session descriptions, please vote on the survey below for the sessions you would be interested in attending.  Obviously some of you will be on vacation during this week, but this is for only those who are able and interested in attending.  After I receive everyone’s vote on the sessions we should run, I will put together the schedule on  I will announce when the sessions are selected and which dates they will run so you can register for them via  All session registrations will be first come first served!

Click on this link to read the session descriptions.

After you read through the session descriptions, please use the form below to cast your vote(s).

Creating ActiVote/ActivExpression Questions in ActivInspire

The newer versions of ActivInspire have changed inserting ActiVote questions considerably.  When creating ActiVote or ActivExpression questions in a flipchart, check out these steps:

Open ActivInspire and in a blank flipchart:

  1. Right click  and select Insert Questions.
  2. Now that you are on the design view tab, click on type here to add a new question and type your question.
  3. Click in question type and select the type of question you want. (Be mindful that ActiVotes only accept multiple choice and Yes/No questions.  All other question types are for ActivExpressions.
  4. A new window opens on the right hand side where you’ll see that you can enter the answer choices, type your answer choices. Select the correct answer.
  5. Delete the empty answer options that you do not want by clicking on the red X.
  6. Scroll down the answer window.
  7. Keep number of responses required to 1
  8. Check assign correct answer.
  9. Enter a time limit if you want one.
  10. (There is no need to create a follow-up question.)
  11.  Check the box, Replace the page content with a new design and select one of the ABC options (Number options are for ActivExpressions!)
  12. Click Done.
  13. Now that you are back in the flipchart, flip the page, and go through steps 1-12 again.

Remember, in order to run an ActiVote session, open the Browser by clicking on Ctrl + B (when in ActivInspire).

  1. Click on the ActiVote icon and then click on ActivExpression and select ActiVote.
  2. If your ActiVotes are registered you will see them in the browser.  Close the browser and you are ready to run the ActiVote session from your flipchart.

If your ActiVotes are not registered and you are running ActiVotes AV3 (AV3 – look at the back of the ActiVote), click on this link to learn how to register them:

Tips & Updates from the Technology Team!